Happy Holidays!

December is always a fun time with the kiddos! Here in Egypt, the children don’t really get to see snow, and don’t celebrate Christmas like we do in the states so they have big bright, wondering eyes every time they see a Christmas tree, or a picture of a snowman. We had a lot of fun during the last couple of weeks before the break and we had a nice little party on the last day. The children played musical chairs to Christmas music, and pin the nose on the snowman. They had a snack and got to make little banana snowmen and reindeer crackers.

They loved the decor..they helped with some of it, and get so excited every time they see it 🙂

We also had a board of gingerbread men and wreaths that they made. I didn’t get pictures of everything but we had a nice time.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and Happy New Year!!